Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gettin froggy

More auditioning Simon?

So here it is,
"E" of the Eels has helped me realise that rejection is a part of life.

Due to the fact I have some amazing and encouraging friends I have decided to 'post this puppy'... or 'frame this frogger' if you will.

This little project aimed primarily at preschoolers was my attempt to reel in some television attention. Thought it best I post it before I'm old and wrinkly.

I have some ideas for some more videos, if anyone interested in aiding their production i.e. camera holding, tripod locating, scene setting, monologue devising, fan clubbing, screaming encouragement, sound effecting, staying up til eyes sting you are welcomed to contact me and join in on masterpieces in the making!

See below for a "feel" of the kind of work I spill.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Audition for Audition sake

I made an audition video with Louise Brissenden and Eric Rakowski for ABC 3 .. in July 2009. Three very long days went into this product, for what is actually a "quick flick" of the full version. Cut to 'just' over two minutes.. I never did hear from the ABC but I assume I'm one among many THOUSANDS who entered. alias, t'wasn't to be.

The process was awesome though, working with Lou and Eric.. establishing ideas and putting them to work and then, seeing the fruits of our labor is inspiring and we hope to create more moving pictures, at least as individuals.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

and in addition..

The motions of country music are still having their way with me...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ben Kweller

Who can melt me like butter, make me cry like a bubba, put a grin the size of the moon on my face and remind me to work hard for the money?

Ben Kweller.

It is rare in this world of much, muchness and more . ..
to find genuine, straight up people of truth and beauty . . .

Somehow this pearler combines the lot!

How many prolific musicians take the time to hang out after a show, to say howdy to a group of people who are aching to express their interest, adoration and make complete fools of themselves (Aka: 'Fans') ?

Ummmh, not many. If any.

Young Kweller is willing to engage with this community and I think it is one of the clear secrets to his success... he makes what he does and the aura of the stage seem attainable, and that's a great thing.

I'm impressed. Woah.

So, If you need a 'kick' into your daily routine, something to shake your bones and make your heart sing, try 'Changing Horses'. Kweller's latest release will have you boot scooting all over the traps and remind you that life IS grand! Hey, who says you need baby Jesus to tell ya how great living is?